Villa Brandestini's heritage rooms in Pula

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About us

Villa Brandestini

Unique & stylish rooms in the heart of old town Pula

Well-being of a spirit and body, freedom and life positivity have always been life mantra of Antonio Brandestini. Silent desires and cravings are easy to pronounce, but sometimes difficult to achieve. So follow the footsteps of Mr Brandestini and understand why simplicity of living in Istria is so important for you inner fulfillment. Warm Mediterranean climate, wind flow in narrow, stone streets and history that peeps out from every corner – words that on a very first recall cause tingling in your body. How strong is their power? Now imagine how strong is the real experience!


Follow the footsteps of Mr. Antonio Brandestini

Wake up with the sound of shrieking seagulls, or as Mr Brandestini once said – with the sound of the sea. Crack the window open and let the warm Istrian sunshine fulfill your soul. Join Mr Brandestini for a city walk, go downtown, among people, and feel how the city breathes. Sit on the stairs next to the Golden Gate, dive in history and live out the golden roman period from the best stage in town. Climb the Kastel hill. Stop on the top, look around and take a deep breath of fresh sea air. Enjoy the view. Enjoy your life. Let mr. Brandestini surprise you once again by following him to the majestic amphitheater that will take your breath away and fulfill you with gratitude as you approach, touch it and feel it.

Embrace your impressions

Fulfilled and happy, come back to Villa Brandestini where your adventure started. Find your favourite corner and summarize all the impressions you have experienced. Relax in one of the rooms which were built by Antonio Brandestini for him and his dearest. Beautifuly redecorated rooms excitingly wait to hear your stories and adventures from the city. If your senses are still looking for excitement, follow sun rays to the top of the stairs. Get out on the terrace and once again soak the city vibes that come from bellow your feet. Let the sunset warm your heart and jacuzzi relax your body.

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